Louisiana is headed in the wrong direction

Our young people are leaving the state for places like Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, and Houston.

Our schools aren’t giving our children the education they need to thrive.

And our government is dragging down businesses and standing in the way of success.

Louisiana needs a comeback—Our Louisiana Comeback.

We need to bring Louisiana Back!

And if we’re going to bring Louisiana back, if we’re going to end that legacy of leaving, it starts with a simple and powerful agenda.

Our Louisiana Comeback means lower taxes and a balanced budget to grow the economy and help create an environment that keeps young people and families in Louisiana.

Our children need a path to a brighter future through a better education that empowers parents and gives them more control over their children’s education. You can read more about the Pelican Institute's Comeback Agenda here.

It will take all of us. Please join Our Louisiana Comeback right now!