Does your candidate support jobs and opportunity in louisiana?

Election day is fast approaching. Join us in asking candidates if they support transformational change for Louisiana.


Do you support simplifying Louisiana’s tax code by removing some tax preferences and phasing out or eliminating the state’s personal income tax? Why or why not?


Do you support more responsible state budgeting that evaluates government-funded program outcomes and limits the growth of government spending? Why or why not?


Do you support giving parents the power to choose the education that fits their child’s needs through education scholarship accounts, whether it’s a public, private, home school, or another educational program, rather than assigning kids to schools based on zip code and limiting where education dollars can be spent? Why or why not?

Public Safety

Will you support proven public safety policies that reduce crime, including focusing resources on preventing violent crimes and supporting reentry programs that give people the tools to thrive in society following incarceration? Why or why not?

Safety Nets

Do you believe we should replace Louisiana’s complicated safety net system with a simplified system that provides temporary help for those in need, encouraging them to find a job and become self-sufficient? Why or why not?

Technology & Innovation

Do you believe consumers, not politicians and government bureaucrats, should be able to make decisions about which technologies they use and allow the market to respond to consumer demands? Why or why not?

Occupational Licensure

Do you believe the government should require individuals to obtain a license to work in certain occupations when there are no health, safety, or welfare concerns? Why or why not?


Lawsuit abuse is driving jobs and opportunity out of Louisiana. Do you support ending state-sponsored lawsuits against some of Louisiana’s biggest job creators? Why or why not?